About us


At Myshapez, we are highly committed to providing a variety of unique and stylish shapewear, designed especially for women of all sizes who want to feel comfortably elegant, and enjoy expressing their voice through fashion that inspires them, and everyone else around them.

Our success is built on a set of solid values such as quality, comfortable design, and getting a powerful, timeless message of female empowerment across our society.


''Myshapez empowers women to embrace their curves. We feel committed to nurture their confidence through body positivity and self-care''




We aim to become a leading shapewear brand, as well as a trendsetter within the fashion industry, generating long lasting and trust-based relationships with our strong base of loyal customers.

We believe that women are beautiful, powerful and deserve to be seen. Our goal is to create a positive impact in the world by spreading a message of acceptance and trust, encouraging women to embrace their curves so they feel comfortable in their own skin, and inspiring other women to do the same.

''Shape Your World.''